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Exactly one year ago today, Cloudflare gave me a mission: Make it so people can run code on Cloudflare's edge. At the time, we didn't yet know what that would mean. Would it be container-based? A new Turing-incomplete domain-specific language? Lua? "Functions"? There were lots of ideas.

Eventually, we settled on what now seems the obvious choice: JavaScript, using the standard Service Workers API, running in a new environment built on V8. Five months ago, we Cheap Sale Authentic Buy Cheap Shop Offer Jimmy Choo Embossed Platform wedges ULutD
of what we were building, and started the beta.

Today, with thousands of scripts deployed and many billions of requests served, Cloudflare Workers is now ready for everyone.

"Moving away from VCL and adopting Cloudflare Workers will allow us to do some creative routing that will let us deliver JavaScript to npm's millions of users even faster than we do now. We will be building our next generation of services on Cloudflare's platform and we get to do it in JavaScript!"

— CJ Silverio, CTO, npm, Inc.

What is the Cloud, really?

Historically, web application code has been split between servers and browsers. Between them lies a vast but fundamentally dumb network which merely ferries data from point to point.

We don't believe this lives up to the promise of "The Cloud."

We believe the true dream of cloud computing is that your code lives in the network itself. Your code doesn't run in "us-west-4" or "South Central Asia (Mumbai)", it runs everywhere .

More concretely, it should run where it is most needed. When responding to a user in New Zealand, your code should run in New Zealand. When crunching data in your database, your code should run on the machines that store the data. When interacting with a third-party API, your code should run wherever that API is hosted. When human explorers reach Mars, they aren't going to be happy waiting a half an hour for your app to respond -- your code needs to be running on Mars.

Cloudflare Workers are our first step towards this vision. When you deploy a Worker, it is deployed to Cloudflare's entire edge network of over a hundred locations worldwide in under 30 seconds. Each request for your domain will be handled by your Worker at a Cloudflare location close to the end user, with no need for you to think about individual locations. The more locations we bring online, the more your code just "runs everywhere."

Well, OK… it won't run on Mars. Yet. You out there, Elon?

Cloudflare Workers derive their name from Web Workers, and more specifically Service Workers, the W3C standard API for scripts that run in the background in a web browser and intercept HTTP requests. Cloudflare Workers are written against the same standard API, but run on Cloudflare's servers, not in a browser.

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Seeking Alpha
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by: Bluegold Research
Bluegold Research
Commodities, medium-term horizon, trader
Natural Gas Fundamentals


United States has produced some 2,423 bcf of natural gas in June this year (+11.0 y-o-y).

On a 12-month average basis, production growth rate is about to reach a mid-term peak.

Natural gas producers hate current prices.

Large charts gallery is attached (scroll down to see more).

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has recently released their natural gas monthly statistics for April 2018 , but traders are looking for more recent data. In this article, we will briefly review our estimates for dry gas production and imports for the month of June, then look at our latest estimates for July and conclude with our forecast for August and September. We will also provide a brief overview of producers positioning in futures market.


According to our estimates, the United States produced a total of 2,423 bcf of natural gas in June 2018. More than two thirds of that volume (or 67.16% ) was produced in shale plays ( Antrim , Bakken , Woodford , Barnett , Fayetteville , Eagle Ford , Haynesville , Marcellus , Utica , Permian – see the map in the chart section below). The rest ( 32.84% ) was produced in tight gas formations and offshore – specifically, in the Gulf of Mexico .

The share of shale gas production has been increasing almost uninterruptedly since April 2001, a trend, which does not seem to show any signs of slowing down. Indeed, in just the last year, the weight of “unconventional” dry gas output has increased by 4.6 percentage points (see chart 1 in the Charts Section below).

As before, Marcellus basin remains the top dry gas extraction area in the U.S. More than a quarter ( 25.1% ) of all dry gas and more than a third ( 37.4% ) of all shale dry gas produced in the U.S., is extracted here (see chart 2). However, over the past two years, other areas have grown in importance as well – notably, Haynesville , Utica and Permian . Eagle Ford also remains one of the hottest shale resource place, but its share in the overall production has been declining. Together, these top five areas – Marcellus , Permian , Haynesville , Utica and Eagle Ford – account for 53.7% of all dry gas and for about 80% of all shale dry gas produced in the U.S. (see chart 3).

According to our estimates, the United States imported a total of 244 bcf of natural gas in June 2018. Some 97% of that volume came via pipelines from Canada, the rest ( 3% ) was imported by LNG tankers. Total natural gas supply in June was 2,667 bcf .

On a daily basis, production averaged 80.8 bcf/d ( +11% y-o-y ). The annual growth rate has slowed from 12% in May to 11% in June due to base effects. Imports averaged 8.13 bcf/d (+1.8% y-o-y ). On a 12-month average basis, imports growth has been negative for four consecutive months now, while the production growth rate is about to reach a mid-term peak (see chart 4).

The inventory of drilled, but uncompleted wells (DUCs) continues to rise. As of June, there were a total of 7,943 DUCs in seven key shale areas ( Anadarko , Appalachia , Bakken , Eagle Ford , Haynesville , Niobrara and Permian ), 1,979 or 33.2% more than in June 2017 (see chart 5). However, the lion's share of that growth has been concentrated in oil-dominant areas (specifically, in Permian basin ), while the growth in gas-dominant regions has been a lot less impressive.

Indeed, the total number of DUCs in Appalachia and Haynesville has been essentially flat since December 2016 (see chart 6). The difference between “wells drilled” and “wells completed” has been negative for four consecutive months now (see chart 7), meaning that DUCs inventory is likely to continue declining.


Production continues to expand – especially, in Permian and Marcellus regions. We estimate that total dry gas production will average around 81.4 bcf/d in July ( +11.0% y-o-y ). We also estimate that imports will average 8.3 bcf/d ( +2.2% y-o-y ). Therefore, according to our preliminary estimates, total supply will amount to 2,780 bcf or 89.7 bcf/d ( +10.0% y-o-y ) in July 2018.

We expect total supply to continue expanding in August and September, but annual growth rate will slow. Currently, we expect dry gas production to average 82.0 bcf/d in August and 82.7 bcf/d in September. We expect imports to average 8.2 bcf/d in August and 8.0 bcf/d in September (see charts 8 and 9).


Natural gas producers are heavily long natural gas – i.e., they are not hedging their production. What does it mean? Let’s study the following two charts to see if we can find the answer. Notice the signs: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 and B3.

So, the important question is – has the production now reached a mid-term peak? The short and simple answer is – maybe. In any case, it is too early to confidently claim that it has. As already mentioned above, we still currently expect production to continue expanding, but annual growth will definitely slow. Most recently, our models started to yield lower figures – especially for the month of August. We are monitoring the situation closely and we are updating our production forecast every single day (consider signing up, if interested – see the link below).


Chart 1

Chart 2

Chart 3

Chart 4

Chart 5

Chart 6

Chart 7

Chart 8

Chart 9

Thank you for reading our monthly report. We also write a daily update of our forecast for key natural gas variables: weather, production, consumption, exports, and imports. Interested in getting this daily update? Sign up for Outlet Footaction Outlet Store Halston Heritage Embossed Ankle Strap Sandals Popular Clearance Latest Buy Cheap New Arrival JLJxCy2py
, our Marketplace service, to get the most critical natural gas data.

I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

April 23, 2013

Hi Mr. Bovel. Do you have any suggestion(book or roadmap) for CSS, please? I am at week 4, and I have made the quiz and it works properly, but it isn’t look so good(because of lack of appearance).

Sorry for my poor English. Thanks in Advance!

I am sure there are some excellent CSS-only books out there, but I would recommend the following book because you will learn CSS3, HTML5, and Responsive Design in one go (You have to learn all 3 eventually, so you might as well do them together): Footlocker Finishline Sale Online Rebecca Minkoff Patent Leather LowTop Sneakers Online Sale Online Discount Countdown Package 1rty9QR7

And the book is very easy to read and short.

I actually wrote a blog post about this:

Thank you so much for great advice!

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Hi! Wow! This looks like a fantastic resource, thanks for posting! I’m just not entirely sure which book I should get. When you say “at least a bit of programming or web development experience,” well I’ve taken and passed a couple of intro to programming classes on plain old Java and Pascal before that, and I can make a very basic web-page in HTML and alter CSS (though I’ve never written it myself). Does that qualify as at least a bit? I’m just not sure if that’s enough that I should get the not-a-complete-beginner book.

Thank you so much! -John

HI John,

You are definitely qualify as having some web dev experience, so get the Professional JS book. You will be fine because I actually explain nearly ALL the important JavaScript concepts on my blog, so you can always just read some of the blog posts, if there are some concepts that you don’t follow in the book.

I completed a basic quiz #1 using Angular.

Here’s the code for the ng-curious:

Tyler, Thanks a lot for posting your Angular.js quiz. It is very interesting to see your quiz and compare it with the others—considerably less code to begin with.

I would encourage other JS newbie developers to look at your code and go learn a bit of Angular.js to get a feel for what it is like to develop with a popular JS framework.

Really a wonderful post.. Though I am a web developer and using javascript in my projects, I haven’t learnt javascript using any books. After reading your blog I think it’s time to get a book and learn javascript progressively and completely. I’m going to start suggested learning plan.. thanks a lot:) Subbu

Looks like a solid learning path, thanks for posting this! Hopefully in 2 months I’m gonna be on the right track to take a step forward with my front end career.

Did you received any mails with succes stories from people who completed this roadmap?

Hey Grzegorz!….. if you are looking for a succes story i can tell you that i was in my way to learn javascript to be a Front End Devoloper. 9 months ago I finished my studies as an artist in the university and i decided to start programming because i love the web, i took the roadmap in this Blog and almost 5 months ago i found job as frond en developer in this digital agency . I didnt sent and and email to Richard but a post a comment beeing so greertfully because of this great path to learn Javascript. Right now im not the greatets Front End developer, i still have too much to learn but if it wasnt for this path i will be probbably still looking for a job. Sorry for my bad english but this is not my main lenguage. Cheers.

Thanks very much for sharing this, Jhonnatan. And much success to you with your dev career.

No Sir, thanks to you for this excellent blog, follow every post!

If you read many of the comments above, you will see that many readers have been learning JS and developing the quiz application and improving their web-dev skills along the way. And I imagine they will eventually be world-class JS developers

Regarding : “Very Important: Every example code you encounter in the book, type it out and test it and tweak it (experiment with it) in Firefox’s or Chrome’s browser console.”

Even the code in The Definitive Guide Preface chapters, like the “Loan calculator”?

Hopefully you can clear this up?



Well, the idea is to type out all the example code that you will run or test, so that you get to properly understand each line.

But if you are not running the code or there is huge block of code that you think typing out will not help you, no need to type it out.

OK, thanks for that!

FWIW – I type out everything and I’ve learned what I need to be careful of when typing – what I’m likely to make a typo with. I think typing it all out, while tiresome, will help it stick in your brain. At least, that’s what I hope will happen.

Yeah, doing that too now, it helps!

Yep, there we go.

Thanks so much for this! What a great resource! I was struggling figuring out how to teach myself so having something to follow makes it much easier.

In addition to CodeCademy, I am using Code Avengers. I think it’s a better resource with CodeCademy in that a) it makes you do more of the work and b) it has better help resources if you get stuck.

I am also using JSBin to test my code because I like that you can turn off the sections you don’t need at the moment which gives more space to see your code on a smaller screen. It also gives you tips if there is something wrong with your code.

I’m tracking my progress here:

You are welcome, Mandy. Keep the hard work and don’t give up You will be very happy when you accomplished your goal.

great stuff!! can’t wait for your article on meteor.js. in the meantime, i suppose i’ll have to purchase tom coleman’s discovering meteor.

I will definitely write about Meteor.js, but I prefer to do so after I complete the huge Meteor.js project I am developing right now.

Yes, I agree that getting the Discover Meteor book is the best bet at this point, since there is really no other book on Meteor.js.

Hey Richard, Can Javascript query sql and MYsql db’s?


Yup I’ve learned javascript/ still learning advanced javascript thanks to Richard, and im now learning mysql/php along with it and I can tell you ajax works flawlessly with mysql db..

Very good to hear, Sean.

Hi Richard,

Great course and site! I was wondering what you thought about Angular JS.

Angular.js is Great. I will write about it on the Modern Developer Toolkit site: Coach TurnLock Slingback Sandals Shopping Online Clearance Pay With Paypal For Sale Cheap Sale New Arrival Clearance Best Wholesale rPKAgE

Hi Robert,

Great post/guide.

I’ve been working my way through this although a little bit more slowly than recommended. However when I started chapter 14 of Professional Javascript for Web Developers I found the code not working and it felt like I was missing something vital.

After skimming the two skipped chapters I found that Chapter 13 has you create an object called EventUtil that’s used pretty heavily in chapter 14. Might be beneficial to have people read the beginning bit of 13 before moving to 14

Tiredness from a full day of Javascript, I intended to type Richard I swear.

Hahaha. No problem at all, Brett. I am glad to hear you are coding a lot. Thanks for the tip about chapter 14 and 13.

I agree with Brett, Chapter 14 has completely thrown me off

Hey Sam,

I ended up going through 12 and 13 and not skipping either of them to get back on track. I think you could probably get away with skipping 12 though as the two extra chapters add quite a lot of time(I think there were over 100 pages or so between them.)

Feel free to reach out to me on skype or twitter(brett_warner on both) if you need a study partner to bounce ideas off of. My pace is slightly slower that ideal though on this course.

hi Richard am interested in learning java script but I got no programming experience any suggestion, by the way thanks this site is so useful in helping make my mind up

You don’t really need any programming experience to learn JavaScript. It is a great language to start with. Join one of the study groups and get started as soon as you can.

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Thank you. Mark.


Thanks for sharing such a great Information .


Thanks, Poonam.


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Thank you. Ryan.


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Build partnerships and network with other sites 😉


I was confused about keyword density. Now its clear thanks for the tip.grate comment


Great 🙂


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No worries.


Great blog Sir..! Thank you for sharing the nice tips, its very informative and interesting.


Thanks, Julie.


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Thank you for sharing the nice tips…


You’re welcome!


Great post, Thank you for sharing


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